Dustless Sandblasting: The Cleaner, Safer Solution for Surface

About Ian's Dustless Blasting

What We Do

We provide an Eco Friendly surface restoration and cleaning service. When you need paint, rust, corrosion or contaminants removed from virtually any surface, you can depend on Ian's Dustless Blasting to complete your project on time and on budget.   Read More

Regional Provider

Because we are 100% mobile, we can provide quality service all over the Southeast.

Dust Mitigation

Our process eliminates 92% of airborne dust and is free of silica.

Mobile Dustless Blasting Equipments

Vapor Blasting Equipment

The EcoQuip 400T is a self contained blasting trailer capable of performing the largest, most demanding commercial and industrial jobs at the customer’s work site.

Vapor Blasting Equipment

The AquaMiser is the “ultimate” in the line of high pressure/blasting systems. A self contained mobile blasting system, this machinery can remove paint, rust, and corrosion successfully without the use of any abrasive media.

Industries We Serve

Our Successful Dustless Blasting for Businesses

Sandblasting History

In 1950, sandblasting was banned in Britain due to concerns over silicosis, an occupational hazard associated with inhalation of silica dust. Shortly after, Norman Ashworth invented the first vapor abrasive blaster there.

In 1966, several European nations followed suit and banned sandblasting, leading to innovation of new wet blasting technologies, notably in Germany, where the first mobile wet blaster was invented, designed explicitly to compete with sandblasters.

Adoption in North America Wet blasters were imported to North America from Germany in the 90s and Britain in the 00s. In 2009, the first domestically-manufactured vapor abrasive blasters – Ecoquip and GeoBlaster – entered the market. In 2013 and 2014 respectively, Ecoquip and GeoBlaster were acquired by Graco Inc., a worldwide leader in fluid handling.

With industry-standard parts that can be sourced locally and improved efficiency due to technological innovations, vapor abrasive blasters are experiencing widespread adoption in the surface preparation industry

Frequently Asked Questions

Vapor Blasting is a Surface Cleaning & Restoration process that is capable of removing any type of coating or paint from virtually any surface while reducing the environmental impact on both airborne dust and clean up.
  • Eliminates up to 92% of airborne dust
  • Uses less water than traditional water based blasting
  • Doesn't affect nearby workers
  • Far less messy and much less containment needed
  • Leaves a paint free or rust free surface
  • No warping
  • No friction created
  • Process does not heat up the surface being blasted
We use a Rust Inhibitor which prevents flash rusting for up to 72 hours
Yes, our blaster can use just about any abrasive that sinks in water and doesn’t dissolve. We have found that recycled bottle glass & garnet to be the most widely used abrasives because they are clean, effective, eco friendly and serve a wide range of jobs.
Vapor Blasting is safe on concrete, stone, brick, aluminum, steel, and other surfaces
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